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Request For Proposals

RFP Site Locations

NYC: The Burroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & the Bronx.
NYS: Urban Cores of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys.
CA:   The Urbanized areas of Southern California
NM:  The Cities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
International:  We at Integral would be particularly interested in responding to RFPs impacting African and Asian urban cores.



Glenn Robert Erikson, PhD, AIA

Potential Roles

Architectural Team Member

Types of Projects

Arts Related Real Estate Development Projects
Transportation Oriented Design Projects
Mixed Use Real Estate Development Projects
Urban Revitalization Projects
Research in Urban Economics, Urban Design & Architecture
Experimental Urban Design & Architecture

Purpose Statement

To respond to those RFPs/Project Proposals that have the potential to make a significant contribution to the surrounding urban environment and in the process move the Architectural, Urban Design and Planning professions forward in new and exciting directions.