Steele Creek Farms

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Steele Creek Farms

Bristol, TN

size: 300 Lots on 82 Acres

type: Subdivision Plan

Steele Creek Farms¬†is an 82 acre site located adjacent to the 2,200 acre Steele Creek Park, its 9 hole public golf course, 54 acre lake, Nature Center, and 24 miles of trails. Wood and Partners conducted market research and prepared a subdivision plan with Glenn Erikson, PhD, AIA as Project Director of Development at Time Equities, the managing member of the development entity. It was determined that Bristol’s single family home market was too small to absorb the sale of¬†300 lots and homes in less than a 15 year period, and so¬†the retirement market of northerners moving south to Tennessee was¬†added to the marketing plan, with their needs reflected within the subdivision design and amenity package. The resulting plan utilized the site’s adjacency to Steele Creek Park, connected¬†to its golf course and trail system, and incorporated¬†a farm/gardening concept as a focus for the subdivision amenities. Both the City of Bristol Parks Department and the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service were consulted¬†regarding the creation of the subdivision’s interconnecting trail system and plans for its community garden plots and resource center. This provided a targeted means to attract seniors and at the same time keep costs low enough so as to not dissuade local buyers from buying subdivision lots and homes. On this basis the property is currently being marketed to local and regional subdividers/developers.