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Los Angeles Land Company

Projects in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

size: 10,000 to 300,000 SF

type: Commercial Development Projects

Projects. Los Angeles Land Company successfully developed twelve projects with Glenn Erikson, PhD, AIA as general partner.  Retail and mixed use projects ranged in size from the 10,000 sf Altadena Plaza to the 90,000 sf Magnolia Plaza. Office projects included the 30,000 sf Sawtelle Plaza. In addition, the firm developed two Bowling Centers, ranging in size from the 52,000 sf San Dimes Bowl to the 300,000 sf Palmdale Bowling Plaza.

History. Alan Goodman started Los Angeles Land Company in 1984 and Glenn¬†Erikson joined the firm as Partner during the bidding and permitting of its first project, Exposition¬†Plaza. He soon became Executive Vice President and was a General Partner in all¬†thirteen¬†of its following projects during his tenure. Erikson was Architect-of-Record for the firm and led a group of up to 10 architects and architectural staff. He¬†was also the principal Broker for the firm and led the marketing and finance teams, and¬†also held the firm’s constractor’s license, leading the Construction Division. Los Angeles Land Company’s successful development strategy was to first place¬†prime retail sites under a one year purchase contract. ¬†Then¬†during that time period we designed the project, obtained building permits and bid out our¬†construction documents¬†while also obtaining sufficient pre-leasing in order to obtain 100% construction financing from prime lenders such as First Interstate Bank, backed by guaranteed¬†take-out financing from credit worthy permanent lenders such as Barclay’s Bank. ¬†Every purchase contract LA Land entered into was funded and closed.