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Hillside Terrace Lofts

Integral acquired an otherwise landlocked 15 acre site behind a 193 unit residential apartment project (Hillside Garden Apartments) Erikson owns in New Hartford, NY. The site was historically used for sewage treatment purposes from one subdivision and continues to be used for overflow storm drainage from two subdivisions. The surface storm water drainage has created a significant amount of man-made wet- lands, and the site is also split in two by the flood prone Sauquoit Creek, which has significantly eroding streambanks. Fortunately, the site has good potential access to town streets through Hillside Garden Apartments and had recently been zoned for medium density (townhouses) residential use. Given the allowable density and the size of the developable portion of the site, it affords the potential to create 150 units. This affords Integral the ability to remove the abandoned sewage treatment facilities, properly treat the storm drainage coming from off-site sources, and appro- priately treat the eroded streambanks.

The project is currently being processed for permit approvals through both the Army Corps of Engineers and NYS Department of Conservation. Integral is using this time to examining the potential to both design the project to LEED standards and develop sufficient solar and wind power to both lower the proposed project’s electrical needs and also provide power for one electric car per household, an upstate first for a rental project of this size. Current plans also include granting to the Town of New Hartford the site area located on the far side of Sauquoit Creek from Hillside Garden Apartments, and thus vehicular access. The Town’s athletic park abuts this section of the property, and in return for the Town accepting this property Integral is propos- ing to fund a new jogging trail to be used by both Hillside’s and the Town’s residents.

Planning and design by Glenn Erikson, PhD, AIA.

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