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Capital Mall

Capital Mall is a 14,000 SF retail center being repositioned with the assistance of the City of Rome as a multi-tenant entertainment and restaurant oriented center serving the needs of adjacent Capital Theatre patrons, local downtown office workers and nearby neighborhood residents.  The City of Rome has recently rebuilt West Dominick Avenue in from of the Mall, including its front and rear sidewalks and front courtyard areas.  The City has also demolished a derelict parking garage behind the mall and plans to partially replace its former site with housing, reconstructing and enhancing Boardman Road behind the Mall with new parking immediately adjacent to the mall and also providing a new plaza for cafe patrons.  The Boyz From Italy, Coppercinos Coffee Shop, The Balanced Chef Restaurant and Franca’s Wine Bar have all signed leases and are in occupancy.  In addition the City and State have approved grants and liquor license applications for the front plaza to be used by Franca’s Wine Bar to enhance their weekend Live Jazz venue.


Design by Bergman Architects, Epoc Partnership and Glenn Robert Erikson, PhD, AIA