Company Profile

Integrating Urban Economics, Planning, Architecture, Ecology and the Arts.

Our goal is to improve our shared urban environment. To do this Integral seeks out urban sites and creative programs that allow us to team with others to research, design, develop and manage projects responsively for end users and their communities, in an environmentally sustainable and technologically sophisticated manner, and with financial modeling and relationships that will allow our projects to get built. We seek sites through both the RFP process and strategic relationships. We are committed to utilize best professional practices, to fully understand each project’s and/or program’s constraints and opportunities, to find sustainable solutions to create the highest quality designs possible.

Requests For Proposals

We respond to Urban Redevelopment RFPs by creating teams that can appropriately respond to the challenges presented. Please see RFPs.

Real Estate Development

Ownership of Integral has developed more than 1M square feet of mixed-use, loft and commercial space in New York and California, and is currently searching for new opportunities. Please review our RFP, Acquisitions and Projects pages.


Integral is searching for:

  • Urban sites suitable for Lofts or transit oriented mixed use development.
  • Existing residential properties of 40+ units in New York and 200+ units in urban areas of New Mexico and Arizona.

Please see Acquisitions.